Let's talk about what we don't talk about.

Let's talk about what we don't talk about.
Photo by Josh Appel / Unsplash

Hello my friends

I had a great birthday, thanks for asking.

Let’s talk about Money.

Money is often an awkward topic, hence I sprung it on you, but I have been learning and thinking deeply about this topic because it seems to be something that a lot of my friends wrestle with. Those who don’t have much want more, those who have lots have trouble accepting it.

That last one is pretty funny hey. People with money have a hard time having money. I remember going to the gym to try and do something to lose weight. I have struggled in this area for fifteen years with no sign of stopping. They had a goals board where people wrote what they were hoping to get out of going to the gym, and I felt like I died a bit on the inside when I saw some people's goal was to gain weight.

I mean, it must be nice to be in that position. Here I am starving and making a fool of myself on the cross trainer (still no idea how to work that thing) and there are some people who are not only at a healthy weight, but they can put on weight (mostly muscle) to get to where they want to be. Come on, this is really not fair.

But what if the amount of money we have right now was actually less about our worth, skill, luck, favour but more about the game we are playing.

Three months ago I wrote a blog post of ‘How to play my Game’. I suggest you read it - embarrassingly it's only 3 posts down because like a man that doesn’t eat any fibre, I haven’t been very regular. In that post I explored the concept that we are not all on different levels, but we are playing different games and they are not compatible. What could be a win in my game, might not even be a blip in your game. Money has a role is all of our games, but with different weights.

I was at a church and I heard a young preacher speak. This guy leads a church in Europe and is doing a lot of great work. He seems to love it, except he said something very strange in his message. He mentioned bitcoin and how he discovered it when it was less than $1. He then said ‘If only I invested in it I would have hundreds of millions of dollars’. Everyone laughed and he linked it to something like ‘seeing opportunities around us to help people’ or something. But this comment really stuck with me, because I believe that becoming a bitcoin millionaire was never supposed to be a part of his game. If he made half a billion dollars in bitcoin, his life would be completely different and the chances that he would be running a church in Europe, married to his wife and be with his kids; are very very slim.

Yes he could do a lot of good with that money, but he is already doing a lot of good now. Why is ‘half a billion dollars good’ more valuable than a life given to serve his community?

Over the last twelve months I have spent some time with some friends who are significantly more wealthy that I am. I see what they have, what they have done, what they can do and I have find myself genuinely being free of jealously. This is so far from what I used to be. Growing up in a one-income family with 5 brothers and sisters, we had what we needed but not a lot else. I remember being extremely jealous of a can of coke and people's family picnics. I had water, always water yet that other family over there could afford coke. Nowadays I hear stories of trips in private jets, properties around the world, unbelievable holidays and I am not feeling one ounce of jealously, in fact I am super pumped for them.

What has happened? I have fallen in love with my game that I get to play and am excited for my journey ahead. I don’t need to compare what I have to anyone else to know that for me, what I have and those who have chosen to do life with me and the road we walk together, is worth all of the bitcoin in the world.