The Valley

The Valley
Photo by Simon Berger / Unsplash

I have tried to write so many times, but lately nothing has been working. This has been my M.O. for many years. Things would happen to me, I would process them and extract a life lesson, then I would paint a story that would usually fit the hero's journey.

Hey, it's my story; it's okay that I am the hero.

But what gives my stories my signature strokes is that I am not afraid to be vulnerable. I am okay with being seen as weak, tired, or even a villain because I know that my arc is coming. Using the stuff that makes me, me, I would craft these stories to finish at the same place. Everything fits together, and I realise the struggle was my friend, and look what it got me. In fact, I have dedicated this entire blog to struggle, as I know they lead to growth and blessings.

Here is the really cool part: I then package these stories into encouragement for anyone in a similar situation. It's never about simply telling people that things will get better, but encouraging them that you can salvage anything from any situation. I am sure you could give me examples of where you believe that is not the case, but that would be pointless. This is a core belief of mine, one I have built my life and my family on.

But this ability to paint my stories lately is not working. Things have happened that I am struggling to weave into my normal stories. It's like a puzzle with no side pieces and infinite blue pieces; I am not sure how it all fits together. There is a story I need to create, but I feel completely out of depth to tell it.

I am in the valley, but this is different from any other valley I have been in before. Normally in a valley, I would do the only thing that I could do: keep walking, keep positive, look for the lesson, and get out of it. I am not someone who needs constant mountaintop experiences, but I enjoy moving forward. Even if that is going downhill, I am okay with that. But this valley feels like it is not something I can walk through, but something I need to graduate from. The person who went in will not be the person who comes out.

The reason I haven't blogged is that I didn't want to share any incomplete stories. I was in denial about where I was at, thinking that the road would start going up soon. I walked and walked and walked, only to find myself back where I had started.

But I now know what to do. I need to set up camp and learn to live in the valley. Only then will I be able to work out what this place has in store for me.

So this is Blog 1 from the Valley. There has been a lot I have learned already, and I am beginning to change. I will try to share this journey, even if the painting hasn't been finished.

Oh, that is kind of a lesson: "Share the unfinished journey." Does that count? Am I back in business?